Let’s invest in michigan, our families, and our future!

If the rich and wealthy corporations paid what they owed in taxes, we could have the quality schools, affordable healthcare, and good-paying jobs our families need to thrive.​

Let’s work together to create shared prosperity for all Michiganders by fully and fairly funding our essential services that our families rely on.

Michiganders Standing Strong


Working people and those struggling to make ends meet deserve good jobs that can provide a prosperous future for their families.


Taxes provide public goods & services that benefit us all. We all pay into the pot for the promise of a brighter future. When wealthy corporations and rich people don’t pay what they owe, it undermines our ability to thrive.


Instead of balancing cuts to essential services on the paychecks of hard working families, we should make the wealthy and corporations pay what they owe, and fund programs that help everyone, no matter who they are or where they come from.

Mackinac Bridge

Michiganders want the same things:

To protect our families and leave things better for those to come.

To provide for our communities, and invest in the essential services our economy needs to grow.

Some of us give our all

as teachers, delivery drivers, nurses, or as volunteers in our communities.

But for too long

a handful of politicians have let wealthy corporations rig the rules. They’ve tried to divide us, fueling fears based on our skin color, accent, or faith.

Now is the time for action

to reject this division and demand our leaders make corporations pay what they owe our country through taxes and pay people a fair return on our work.

Let’s show up for each other to demand quality schools, affordable healthcare, and good-paying jobs that ensure all our families can thrive.

Let’s Fulfill Michigan’s Potential

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