Dear Legislators:

The pandemic has been hard for everyone. So many of us have lost loved ones and had to make sacrifices to work harder with less resources. Congress allocated federal relief dollars with the intention of helping the communities most affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

That means spending to create real relief for struggling Michiganders, funding our schools, paying our essential workers, investing in our infrastructure, and improving public health. The American Rescue Plan provides us with a lifeline – but some in the legislature would rather ignore the help in favor of short-sighted tax giveaways to wealthy corporations.

We reject tax giveaways that only serve the wealthy and corporations and instead invest in what we need: quality schools, affordable healthcare and good-paying jobs that ensure all of our families can thrive.​

We should provide for our communities by opposing this approach, and instead back changes that will finally make those who got richer during the pandemic – like the wealthy and big corporations – pay their fair share. NOT give short-sighted tax breaks.